London calling

March 28, 2017

Soundtrack _ Dixon.


Life has always two sides: the side of the beauty and the side of the ugliness. To explain what is beauty and what is ugliness we need hundreds of books and hundreds of years because these two concepts are depending on the culture that we look into, in space and time. 


London is one of this cities where you can find the worst of the contemporary time: speed, grayness, dullness, pain, anxiety, distress, monstrosity and at the same time, paragons of beauty, such as thousands of art pieces from the colonies, the architectural reminders of the industrial century and of course, contemporary art. 


Highlights such us The Barbican Art Centre, The Serpentine Gallery or The Tate Modern, and amazing art events like the BMW Tate Live Exhibition, with the amazing performance of dancer and choreographer Min Tanaka´s Locus Focus -an improvisational performance that took place in the open-air setting of Fujiko Nakaya´s London Fog on the South Terrace- or the All Day & Night Session with Dixon at Ministry of Sound Club, which is an unbeatable state-of-the-art because of its sound and light design, made our three-days-trip an inspirational journey. 


New discoveries to be emphasized or underlined: the Letterpress and the Artisan Printing that we discovered at Marby and Elm -we will dig deeply on it- and Hong Sungchul´s amazing technique at the Pontone Gallery








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